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Glasgow and Lanarkshire based photography and video

billlunneyphotography.com now live

Been on my todo list for a long time now.  Had very specific requirements for how I wanted this to look and function.  Most goals have been achieved.

  • Big, bold images
  • Clean, fuss free design
  • Ruthless image selection
  • Small number of categories

It's actually a really sobering experience and I'm very glad I've done it.  Gathering what is your best work and putting it out there for all to see really gives perspective.  Warts and all.  There's nowhere to hide.  You're saying to the world 'this is the best I've got'.  Personally, I'm 'ok' with this.  I feel everything is of a good standard.  Some of it very good.  However, when I compare it with the absolute best out there it falls short.  This is a great thing.  Why?  Well, I can see where improvement is needed.  Plenty of areas where my game needs raising.

Purpose of the site is two fold:

  1. Personal satisfaction.  Take an idea and see it through.
  2. Commercial interest.  Serves as a good reference for client work.  Have several side projects simmering which can leverage this.

Enjoy your visit.  Suggestive comments very welcome.